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The McDuffie Consulting Group

The McDuffie Consulting Group, Inc. receiving an Award of Excellence in Historic Rehabilitation from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission as presented by the Honorable Andrew Young.

Our personnel understand that the success of each project depends upon the appropriateness of the team, its talents, and its ability to respond to the needs of the client. We organize our team to utilize our vast resource of professional talent in an orderly and efficient manner.

The McDuffie Consulting Group, Inc. is organized under a Unified Management Plan allowing the firm to facilitate the practice of architecture, planning and management of multi-disciplinary teams of consultants ranging in experience from technical to business. All personnel who will be assigned to each project are all professionals in their respective areas of expertise.

Our approach allows for the assemblage of skills and the constant interaction of these skills and talents throughout the progress of the project. We maintain the flexibility needed to take advantage of the depth of resources of our Team.

Our firmís personnel are available to insure that your projectís criteria and deadlines are always met.